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So You’re a Dog/Cat Person?

How many times have you been asked, “Are you a cat or dog person?”, and how often do you respond to this question by enthusiastically identifying with one of these two categories. Well, various studies have suggested that individuals who identify themselves in either category have intrinsic traits specific to each. Here is what we know.

The research suggests that if you are a dog person you’re likely to be more extroverted than a cat person. How do we know this? A study conducted by Gosling (not our beloved Ryan however), has shown self-identified dog people to be more extroverted and less neurotic than cat people! Which does make sense to a certain extent. Dogs are very outgoing and social creatures that need to be walked and played with on the daily. So it’s only natural when someone takes their dog out for a walk that they will stop and remark and even talk with other amazing dog owners who too are walking their dog. As for the neurotic aspect, walking and playing with your dog means going outside and getting some fresh air which also means, exercise! Studies have shown that exercise alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety which is why many patients of this disorder are told to exercise regularly by their physicians. So if self-identifying as a dog person means more extroversion and less neuroticism, what does being a self-identified cat person entail?

Well, no surprise here but cat people tend to have a higher intelligence and seem to me more curious, intellectually. I guess the phrase as curious as a cat didn’t come out of nowhere. Cats are independent by nature, a fact we are all aware of and affirmed by through the countless memes and videos floating around on the web. Cats will stay as they are, unless they need food or water or maybe a few minutes of pure attention. Also have you ever seen a cat conform to pre-set standards and rules? Because I haven’t. They always seem to be doing whatever they please, despite telling them countless times, “no, do not tip that glass over!”. So would it be surprising to here that self-identified cat people echo independence, heightened intelligence and tend to be non-conformists? To be honest this isn’t surprising at the least.

So there you have it, cat and dog people are as different as you would think. But that does get me wondering, what about people who are both? Or used to be a cat or dog person and then transitioned, with age or a life event, into the other category? It has been shown that just like we tend to choose our life partners in line with our parent’s personalities, we also tend to choose our furry companions in line with our own personality. Which means that may be more similar to our furry best friends than we previously thought


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