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If You tie your animal during Hurricane Harvey You will go to jail!

If you don’t want to keep your pets safe during crises, you should let them free to escape the intense weather conditions by themselves.

 You shouldn’t chain your dogs or tie them to a rope outdoors. Because if you do, you will get arrested and punished.

Hurricane Harvey comes with its dangers towards humans and also pets. Chief Stephen Carlisle of Roman Forest Police Department had seen a chained-up dog die during the flooding that happened last year. And he doesn’t want that to happen again.

Chief Carlisle promised to take necessary steps towards those who restrain their dogs during intense weather conditions. He stressed the importance of caring for our beloved dogs.

The US National Weather service anticipates that the upcoming hurricane will bring with it a disastrous flooding in some areas of Texas; and a rainfall that may reach up to 40 inches in some places in the south-east coast.


Thousands of people have fled their homes on Gulf Coast as winds of 130mph (209 kmh) batter the the state; and forecasters warn of up to a metre (3.2ft) of rain.

So people need to take the necessary precautions to stay safe and keep their pets safe too.


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