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Early Training with Basic Commands

Although it is way too early to expect any sort of reliability of response to comands,you can start to introduce your pup to his “vocabulary”whnever the opportunity presents itself.Don”t pass up the chance to identifity a correct behavior with the name you intend to give it.If you can easily get your pup to come to you while whistling or claping,you can start saying,”Come” when he”s on his way.If the dog is a natural sitter,be ready to sit;say the command as he”s dropping his rear.Or hold his food dish high and move it back over his head;his momentum will force him to sit.Say the command when he looks as if he”s headed in the right direction,praise him and give him his food.


While you”re not really training in these instances,you are laying groundwork for formal training.This early exposure to the words you”ll use to communicate with your dog for the rest of his life will make those words familiar to him once you start his lessons.Then you”ll b showing him the correct behavior-and that h must do it when you say so and not just when he fils like it.There are lots of reasons humans decided to domesticate dogs instead of hippos,one of them being that dogs are intelligent animals that,with repetition and fairness,can amass quite a vocabulary.It never hurts to begin his ABC if he”s doing things right anyway


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