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Dog With Cancer Goes For Last Epic Road Trip With Her Human

Bella the chocolate Labrador Retriver only has a few months to live.At nine years old,she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma,a form of cancer.The veterinarian told her owner,Robert Kugler,that the cancer had already spread to her lungs,and if they didn’t remove her front leg that day,she would need to be put down.

But rather than sit around and wait for the inevitable,Kugler decided to take Bella,minus one leg,for a last road trip around the United States.Kugler is a marine vet,so his first stop was at Marine Corps ball in Chicago.Then they went to the northeastern U.S.then Florida,then Kansas City to finish up.But the trip didn’t feel complete.

So the pair are still traveling.Kugler ended his lease,packed his belongings in a barn,and is hoping to use his SUV as a camper to head to the National Park with Bella.The two have formed a closer bond than every before thanks to the trip.For now,Bella is still going strong and loving her journey with her favorite human.You can follow their whole adventure on Instagram.

What would you do if you fond out your dog only had months to live?Would you travel with your dog?Let us know in the comments below!


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