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Dad Tells Dog He Bought A Kitten. Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Dog’s Comeback

Have you ever wished your dog could talk? It’s no secret that most dog owners regularly talk to their dogs…they’re some of our best friends, after all! But imagine a world in which our beloved pups could respond back and keep the conversation going.

We all know that dogs can’t talk! But they sure can communicate with humans via physical movements, facial expressions and a variety of intersting sounds.

Many of us would love to hear what’s going on inside of our pup’s head, and this dog dad is no different. So instead of wondering, he just decided to create the commentary himself!

That’s why this puppy dad decided to film a video of his dog and give the entire thing a hilarious voice-over. It has gone viral and it’s easy to understand why!

Take a peek at this goofy voice-over clip by pressing “play” on the video below! Have you been able to communicate with your pooch in an interesting way? Share your thoughts in the Facebook comments section.


This dog cracks me up – this was so funny I had to watch it twice!



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  1. Hello! Why go to the pet store, when you can go to your local humane society and give homeless animals a chance? Go to the humane society, and not the pet store. Hello? And yes, you can obtain other pets at a humane society, other than cats and dogs.

    1.5 million unwanted homeless animals die every year in the U. S.

    • Guess you haven’t been to a pet store lately. Most work in conjunction with local animal shelters and run the adoption process there.

    • He said in the voiceover that the pet store had shelter cats. 🙂 PetsMart works with local shelters to help adopt cats so I bet that’s what he was referring to.

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