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The Retrivers

Two of these breeds are two most popular dogs in the country year after year. The Labrador retriver and the golden retriver have found an unbelievably large following-among hunters; in the service community , where they act in search-and-rescue ,bomb and drug sniffing , seeing-eye, therapy,and handicap assistance roles; and …

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Introducing the Pup to Water

Even if you have a pointing dog or do not plan to hunt ducks with your dog,every pup should be introduced to water.While some will crash right in without a second thought,most will be apprehensive in their first contact.Make sure the water is warm-at least around 60° F-before introducing a …

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Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

Your positive training program will go much more smoothly if you’re good at interpreting what your dog is saying to you and communicating to him in a way that he can easily understand. Dogs are, first and foremost, superior body language communicators. They do have the ability to communicate vocally, …

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How Can I Answer If I Don’t Understand the Question?

People tend to forget that dogs aren’t born knowing English. When your puppy is young, you think that she knows the word come because she runs toward you when you encourage her to. All a puppy really knows, however, is that she is dependent on you and wants to be …

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Train with Your Brain, Not Pain

Just a few years ago, most positive trainers began their dog-training careers using force-based methods—jerking on choke chains and otherwise physically or verbally intimidating their dogs into submission. Happily, more and more trainers today are “first-generation” positive trainers, growing up in a world where dog-friendly training is readily available and …

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Dogs Just Want to Have Fun

So you’re going to train your dog. At least you’re thinking about training, or you wouldn’t be reading this book. Congratulations! You are taking an important step toward ensuring that you and your dog will share a lifetime of fun, companionship, love, and respect. If you make a firm commitment …

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