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Bulldog Watches Horror Movie, And His Reaction Is All Of Us

You know that feeling when you’re watching a horror movie and you want to scream at the protagonists to warn them against approaching danger? Well, you’re not alone – this doggie in the video below feels the same way too and barks whenever she senses a threat. “Khaleesi the bulldog …

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World’s Oldest Dog,Maggie ,Takes Her Last Nap

Maggie,an Australian Kelpie and possibly the world’s oldest dog.puncuated her record recently,as she peacefully lay down in her basket one last time and passed away. Maggie was born on a farm in the Australian state of Victoria in the mid-1980s.She enjoyed her long life and the companionship of farmer Brian …

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Common Skin Problems in Westies

Affectionately known as the Westie, the West Highland white terrier is a spunky little dog known for his playful and energetic demeanor. Like any purebred dog, Westies are prone to some specific health conditions, such as luxating patellae, dry eye and Addison’s disease. This little guy is vulnerable to a …

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This Chart Proves Your Dog Is Older Than You Think !

Are you the parent of a senior or geriatric dog? I ask because many people don’t realize how quickly dog age compared to humans, and are surprised to learn their still-active “puppy” is actually middle-aged or even heading into her golden years. By the time most large breed dogs are …

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