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5 BIGGEST Dogs In The World

Ranging from a giant dog that so big it sleeps in its very own queen sized bed…. to another guard dog that’s so large it needs to eat supplements and over four pounds of meat a day. Some of these canines are so massive they sometimes get mistaken for a horse! …

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Bull Terrier – Perfect Pet or Killer?

These dogs look a little similar to pigs, have a muscular build, they like games with a ball and all sorts of outdoor activities, they need very little grooming and bark seldom. At the same time these fun-loving dogs often have a diabolical expression, can become uncontrollable and are forbidden …

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Worlds most dangerous dogs

Dogs have lived alongside man for thousands of years since the first wolves were domesticated. There is little doubt this relationship has been hugely beneficial to both, leading to dogs being commonly referred to as “man’s best friend”. But over recent years there there have been a steady stream of stories …

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