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The Hidden Dangers Of A Popular Dog Treat Exposed!

Rewarding our dogs should NEVER result in injury but, sadly, there are hidden dangers amongst popular snacks. We have heard warnings about rawhide but now another warning is emerging and if this snack is in your pantry, we urge you to reconsider giving it to your four-legged best friend. Thanks to …

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Just Jesse the Jack’s Awesome Dog Tricks

  Jesse loves performing his tricks and bringing smiles to people’s faces! He is taught using positive reinforcement and relationship-based training. Look at how cute he is…..especially his face. Source:http://bestjrtlovers.com

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7 Signs Your Dog is Bored

  Most common behaviors problems stem from a lack of exercise which creates boredom. Bored dogs tend to find their own ways to entertain themselves.. and they aren’t usually in ways we like. Here’s 7 signs your dog is bored: He’s destroying everything. Destructive behavior is not only frustrating for …

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How to help your itchy dog? 9 Tips!

Is your dog suffering from itches? Any dog irrespective of the breed or size may have itchy woes. Skin conditions are the foremost reason people bring their dogs in for veterinary care. In this blog post, we explore how to help your itchy dog with the much-needed healing relief. Why …

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