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These Dogs Live a Life of Silent Torture,Even Though They Weren”t Directly Abused

Sadly,so-called breeding “improvements” have turned certain once-healthy breeds into deformed dogs. A hundred years ago,dogs like the Bull Terrier,Boxer,English Bulldog,and Dacschund were well-proportioned,generally healthy,and physically active.Today”s versions of these breeds are markedly different. Over the years,several breeds have been bred to exaggerate certain physical traits at the expense of their …

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11 Poignant Quotes About Losing a Dog

Dogs are our best friends and family members. Nothing can prepare us for the loss of our beloved companions, regardless of when it happens. Dogs have stood alongside humans for thousands of years, growing with us and for us without asking anything in return. They are our truest inspirations, the …

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Coconut Oil For Dogs: 9 Amazing Health Benefits

Everyone who is up to speed on health trends is adding coconut oil to just about everything including their food, skin, and hair. Unrefined, organic coconut oil is lining the shelves of health food stores across the country. Pet owners have noticed its health benefits for themselves and now incorporate …

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What is Separation Anxiety in Dogs and Why Does it Happen?

“Separation anxiety” is one of those phrases that has wormed its way into popular culture and, like many common terms, it could use some clarification. As a trainer, I specialize in working with dogs who suffer from true separation anxiety, and I’ve learned a lot about how to best help …

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