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German Shepherd Kicks Cat Out of His Bed

Animals can be very possessive of things like their food, bed or toys. In this case a German Shepherd comes up to his dog bed to find a cat all curled up there. First, he stares at the situation and then he stares down the cat and makes it jump …

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West Highland Terrier Skin Problems And General Health

The West Highland Terrier or “Westie” is a small breed of terrier that hails from Scotland, and is distinctive for its all-white coat. They are similar in build and general appearance to the Scotty dog or Scottish Terrier, aside from the fact that the Westie is always white and the …

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Canine Comfort: How Your Dog Reads Your Emotions

Recently I became audibly and visibly upset about something going on in my personal life in front of my two dogs Hank and Charlie. As I sat on the floor crying, Hank came and sat right next to me and began to lick my face, while Charlie laid his head …

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