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Dog With Cancer Goes For Last Epic Road Trip With Her Human

Bella the chocolate Labrador Retriver only has a few months to live.At nine years old,she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma,a form of cancer.The veterinarian told her owner,Robert Kugler,that the cancer had already spread to her lungs,and if they didn’t remove her front leg that day,she would need to be put down. …

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This Video Shows The True Colours Of So-Called Dangerous Dog Breeds

ast week, the French dog charity “Gueules d’Anges” (Angel Dog Guardians) published this amazing video which aims to change our attitudes towards dogs who are unfairly labelled “dangerous breeds”. Laws banning “dangerous” dogs This French charity published their video in response to the laws in France concerning “dangerous dog breeds”. …

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Dog’s Cyst Bears EAR-ie Resemblance to Donald Trump

Ear ye! Ear ye! Chief the beagle lives in Jarrow, Tyneside, a town in northeast England. And his owner, 25-year-old Jade Robinson says that like many beagles, he’s full of mischief. “”He has the very distinctive long ears,” she told the BBC, “and they spend a lot of time scraping the …

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Dog And Baby Born On The Same Day Do Everything Together

Chicago mother Ivette Ivens knew it was meant to be when she saw a French Bulldog puppy who was born on the same day as her baby. Farley joined the family five months ago and has been following baby Dilan around everywhere. “I’m pretty sure Dilan thinks they’re both the same species, …

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Dog’s Intuition Saves His Owner From Committing Suicide!

A young man named Byron sunk into a deep depression after his relationship fell apart. He hit bottom and began contemplating suicide. After a day of heavy drinking, Byron made a noose and went downstairs to write a goodbye note to his family. When he returned upstairs, Byron found the noose …

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