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Cats Afraid Of Mice and Birds – Compilation

Most people would automatically think that a cat would never be afraid of another animal, at least not of one that is normally associated with being a cat’s “prey”. If you are one of those people who believe that, then be sure to scroll all the way down to see …

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If Your Kitty Sends You This Message, See Your Veterinarian Right Away

Hepatic lipidosis, or fatty liver syndrome, is a very serious condition that occurs exclusively in cats, typically middle-aged, overweight kitties The most common trigger for the disorder is rapid weight loss as the result of anorexia or a significant reduction in daily caloric intake Symptoms include dehydration, excessive drooling, vomiting, …

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Kitten first saw flakes, try not to melt!

Zoofi is the kitten who first saw the snow and as many babies he had no idea what was going on. In fact, in a few short months included in his life he had never seen the strange white balls falling from the sky. Zoofi probably thinks it’s a new …

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Eight interesting facts about pets

1. General conclusions about the types of pets and their owners, who have confirmed the research, read: fish owners are the happiest, funniest dog owners, cat owners are dependent and sensitive, owners of the reptiles are the most independent. 2. The difference between people who choose dogs and those who …

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Meet the cat that thinks it is a Rottweiler!

Meet the three big beautiful Rottweiler who are quite, quite ordinary dogs … At least it any thought at first sight! This unusual outfit, in fact, consists of two sociable house and their little companions, pussy named Didga. This bearded beauty with his friends carried out all day, having fun …

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