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Girlfriend Says We Can Get Back Together If I Get Rid Of My Cat

А mаn got аn ultimаtum from his girlfriend thаt thеy could gеt bаck togеthеr if hе would “gеt rid of” his cаt. Аftеr hеаring thаt, hе mаdе his choicе. “Wеll, I guеss this is goodbyе, thеn,” imgur usеr voicеаfx sаid. Hе аnd his formеr girlfriend split up bеcаusе of rеligious …

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A Small “Town” Built … Just for Homeless Cats!

SAMSUN, TURKEY – The northern province of Samsun, Turkey, an area devoted entirely to housing stray cats has been built. It is referred to as the “cat town.” This facility was founded within a 10, 000-kilometer forest area that is located within a municipal animal shelter. The Samsun Metropolitan Municipality …

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“Eufloria”: Catnip Isn’t the Only Plant Scent Cats May Love

Cats seem to rely on their noses to understand the world more than we humans do. Cats detect smells and sense pheromones (chemicals produced and released by other cats) through their olfactory systems. For confined cats, appreciating the importance of their sense of smell can greatly enrich their environments, which …

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