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Should Your Cats Sleep With You?

Have you ever wondered how other cat owners would answer the question … “Do you let your cats sleep with you at night?” Well we decided to find out, so we ran a quick 24 hour survey on our Twitter feed and here’s what came back: There were nearly 300 …

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Girlfriend Says We Can Get Back Together If I Get Rid Of My Cat

А mаn got аn ultimаtum from his girlfriend thаt thеy could gеt bаck togеthеr if hе would “gеt rid of” his cаt. Аftеr hеаring thаt, hе mаdе his choicе. “Wеll, I guеss this is goodbyе, thеn,” imgur usеr voicеаfx sаid. Hе аnd his formеr girlfriend split up bеcаusе of rеligious …

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A Small “Town” Built … Just for Homeless Cats!

SAMSUN, TURKEY – The northern province of Samsun, Turkey, an area devoted entirely to housing stray cats has been built. It is referred to as the “cat town.” This facility was founded within a 10, 000-kilometer forest area that is located within a municipal animal shelter. The Samsun Metropolitan Municipality …

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