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5 Reasons To Adopt A Black Cat

Black cats get a bad rap in the feline world, but all those superstitions about black cats being bad luck are just that — silly superstitions. Before you judge a black cat by its fur, consider the benefits of adopting one. 1. Fur Blends in With Black Showing up covered …

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Amazing Man Cares For 200 Cats In War zone, WOW

You know the days where you feel like you’ve lost all faith in humanity? Well just read this story of Mohammad Alaa Aljaeel. He lives in Aleppo, Syria, which has war, violence, and destruction. While he could flee, he stays, because so many lives depend on him. He is the …

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Hunting for cats Australia

Outlaw the legal killing of feral cats in Australia. Citizens, such as Zach Slattery of South Australia, should not be allowed to legally murder feral cats. His photos of him smiling and posing with their dead bodies on Facebook is an outrage. It should be against the law for the …

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