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Cat Refuses To Eat After Human Dad Surrendered Him To The Shelter For A New Couch

A sweet and loving cat was surrendered to the shelter by his owner because of a new couch. According to the staff at New York City Animal Care and Control, his owner took him at the center because he has a new piece of furniture and the cat could no longer stay at his apartment.

Meet Tiger Tim!

It wasn’t clear why the owner had to give up this adorable kitty, who has lived with the family since he was a 3-month-old kitten.

People at the shelter were happy that they were able to find a loving foster parent for Tiger Tim; however, the cat appeared to be confused and heartbroken. He could not understand why his family had left him with people he has not met before.

The biggest challenge is Tiger Tim’s condition is getting worse each day he spends without his family. According to his foster parent, the kitty does not want to eat or take anything that would make him feel a little better. The cat has lost a total of 3 pounds since he was surrendered to the shelter by his previous owner.

“He refuses to eat, refuses to drink. For days we’ve been force feeding him to keep him alive,” the rescue posted on Facebook on Monday. “He is never aggressive; just so sad, curled into a little ball of misery.”

The New York City Animal Care and Control once decided to euthanize Tiger Tim, but a rescue group called Magnificat prevented that from happening.

Although Tiger Tim has yet to find a new loving home, we hope that he would find happiness and love with his new foster family.

We also hope he would find a new furever home with people that would love him more than their new furniture.

To his rescuers, thank you for giving this boy another chance in life. We salute you!

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I’m really sorry, Tiger Tim.


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  1. where the heck are you located at is there anyway to get tigertim here Bangor maine I will take the poor cat it isnt right if i could find his former owner i would PUNCH HIM IN THE NOSE please me know poor baby deserves to be happy

  2. That man is disgusting, i hope his new furniture is crappy and falls apart on him!

  3. Christy watenpaugh

    Anyone who would give up their kitty for a new sofa or any other reason. Is a piece of trash!! This kitty had been theories since he was a baby and thus was part of their family. Would you put a human member of your family in a shelter because of a new sofa. That is what they have done with this poor kitty. These people should be taken down to Houston and set adrift in the flood waters. I HAVE NO PATIENCE WITH THIS KIND OF CRUELTY!!

  4. Please let me know he find a new home. Love to have him but in Las Vegas nv.

  5. Where is this kitty. I live in California.

  6. That is so sad, I wish I could take him ❤️

  7. I hope this cat learns to live and trust again,I hope someone throws up on ex owners couch.

  8. Where is this kitty located? Seems like there are people wishing to adopt him. How do we reach you fill out the application? Praying for him.. Lifes very scary uncertain for him in his world. Mega love in his future to come.

  9. I am a foster mom for kitties in Atlanta. My concern is, if Tim adjusts with his foster family, if he can survive another relocation. I have a 23 year old that came to me under the same condition… mother just didnt want him after 16 years. He was SO traumatized I didnt dare send him to yet another situation. It took him YEARS to act like a normal cat again. He is now extremely well adjusted and part of an extended family of cats, dogs, tortoise, chickens and foster kittens that come, grow and get adopted through The Society of Humane Friends. I hope his current foster home can embrace him and keep him. (my heart is breaking and so full of anger over this and the stories coming out of Houston that are too terrible to grasp).

  10. Where is He. I want adopt him!

  11. I very much hope Tim is finding his new forever home where he. knows he being love and cared. for.
    He deserves to be treated with Respect so he can trust someone new again. Cats have Feelings , they cry if his Family Members is leaving and won’t return., they hurting as much as humans do. Cats would not hurt a human , treat them badly or give a human away or trade humans for anything elses. Cats a loyal, they respect there humans with love and lots of caring for there Humans.
    My cats destroyed my Couch, I got a new one and still if they keep destroying my new Couch I keep dealing with it and keep loving my cats cause my Cats are my Family forever. They never get drown away , they have my Heart and I have there’s. I can replace anything which is broken but I can’t replace a broken Heart of a Cat . I hope every human who treats his Animals badly and destroys there Soul should rot in Hell and cut on Fire. There is Justice for every Animal which is suffering.

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