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Few Simple Tips How To Cool Down Your Dog In The Summer

Ah Summer! – school holidays, green grass, blue skies, and warm weather. It is a welcome change after the cold, rainy, and barren winter. The dogs are dozing, the people are dozing, really everyone is just enjoying the season for lazy and sleepy days. However, as the temperature rises, it …

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Head Shaking In Dogs, Causes And What To Do About It

Everyone shakes their head from time to time without thinking about it-say, because you have a hair irritating your ear, an itch, or to dislodge something that is annoying you. The same is true for dogs, and because dogs have larger ears with larger openings, it is often done to …

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When several dogs attack…What to do?

Having an encounter with one aggressive dog while you’re out is bad enough, and worse if that dog attacks your own. But what do you do if more than one aggressive dog go after you or your dog? The complication with multiple dogs is that they will attack as a …

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Five Of The Easiest Dog Breeds To Train

What makes a dog easy (or otherwise) to train? In order to be classed as a reasonably easy dog to train, the dog will need to possess a combination of different traits, which include: A willingness to please. A reasonable degree of intelligence. A good attention span. Moderate energy levels. …

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