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5 Best Supplements For Your Dog

The vitamin and supplement business for humans is a multibilion dollar industry.Many pet owners also feel that if supplements are good for them,they must be goog for their pets too.However,before giving out supplements to your pup like treats,you should consider if they are something your pet actually needs.More often than …

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Your Daily Dose Of Funny Dogs (Video)

Because sometimes you just need your daily dose od dogs!Dogs playing with ballons,chasing,leashes,puppies eating,singing along to the sax,getting a blow dry,playing in a hose,getting belly rubs…sometimes you just NEED it! Source:http://dogtime.com

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Sorry,pet lovers:your dog hates being hugged

Thanks to that old wet blanket known as science,we now have compelling evidence that your dog hates is when you huge him.Dr.Stanley Coren,a professor psychology specializing in canice behavior ,says dogs nearly always show signs of sress or axienty when being ,embraced,the San Francisco Chronicle reports. According to Psychology Today,those …

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Dog Lost for 6 Days, CRIES when Found

This emotional video captures the moment a dog, schnauzer, that had gone missing for six days cries uncontrollably after being reunited with its owner. Despite never having used a lead for the past 16 years, the little schnauzer had been spooked by fireworks and run off while walking near a …

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