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What is Separation Anxiety in Dogs and Why Does it Happen?

“Separation anxiety” is one of those phrases that has wormed its way into popular culture and, like many common terms, it could use some clarification. As a trainer, I specialize in working with dogs who suffer from true separation anxiety, and I’ve learned a lot about how to best help …

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Should Your Cats Sleep With You?

Have you ever wondered how other cat owners would answer the question … “Do you let your cats sleep with you at night?” Well we decided to find out, so we ran a quick 24 hour survey on our Twitter feed and here’s what came back: There were nearly 300 …

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5 Best Supplements For Your Dog

The vitamin and supplement business for humans is a multibilion dollar industry.Many pet owners also feel that if supplements are good for them,they must be goog for their pets too.However,before giving out supplements to your pup like treats,you should consider if they are something your pet actually needs.More often than …

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Your Daily Dose Of Funny Dogs (Video)

Because sometimes you just need your daily dose od dogs!Dogs playing with ballons,chasing,leashes,puppies eating,singing along to the sax,getting a blow dry,playing in a hose,getting belly rubs…sometimes you just NEED it! Source:http://dogtime.com

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