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5 Dogs Reportedly Die Of A Skin Cancer Cream

There are some reports that five dogs died of a cream used in the treatment and prevention of skin cancer. U.S. Food and Drug Administration has confirmed that the cream is to be blamed for the death of the five dogs who had accidently ingested some of it.

Fluorouracil is the topical cancer drug that is marketed under the brand names Carac, Efudex and Fluoroplex. The health agency has issued a new advisory that is specifically for the people who have pets in their homes. Besides dogs, cats are also quite vulnerable to the effects of this cream.

In one of the cases, two dogs started to play with the tube of the cream and one of them punctured it before it could be retrieved by the owner. The dog died within 12 hours after vomiting and experiencing seizures. In another case, a dog found the fluorouracil and ate it. It was immediately taken to a veterinarian but its condition deteriorated in the next three days. The dog was ultimately euthanized.

The drug is prescribed for basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer, and for precancerous lesions on the skin that are caused because of exposure to the sun for years. FDA warned the pet owners using this cream to keep it away from their pets. If the person has applied the cream and touches the pet, it may accidently ingest the drug and can suffer from the fatal effects.

FDA had also cautioned the pet owners about the increasing cases of Xylitol poisoning among dogs. It is found in chewing gums, baking products, and chocolates. These can be fatal for dogs.

As precautionary measures, the pet owners should keep the cream out of the reach of their pets. One should take care that no trace of the cream is left on the applicator, clothes, furniture, etc. A doctor can suggest a way to cover the treated skin area. And if the cream comes in contact with the pet or the pet is showing any symptoms like vomiting, seizing or anything similar, it should be taken to the veterinarian immediately.


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